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Weight loss, toning, slimming, looking younger or better health - whatever your goals Women's Workout gym have an exercise fitness programme that works for you - guaranteed or your money back. And now gym memberships are less than £6 a week at our Christchurch club. Gym contracts that tie you in for years - forget them, we have simple 1 and 6 month gym agreements.

At Women's Workout gym, the emphasis is on having fun whilst getting fit. Who ever you are you're guaranteed a warm welcome and you'll quickly realise you're in the right place. Because our fitness team is dedicated to helping you, the ladies of Christchurch improve your life and be your best, by offering an enjoyable way to keep fit. And your slimming programme can start by ditching the diet and improving your lifestyle with healthy tips from our fully trained people.

Its been proven beyond doubt that exercise will help you stay healthy, lose weight and live longer, but many women miss out on these benefits because they have had bad experiences of keeping fit. At our gym we take pride in making exercise accessible and fun for all women in the Bournemouth and Christchurch area. Here's why our gym is different:

We combine the motivational elements of traditional weight-loss meetings with an easy to do gym routine that takes just 30 minutes of your time, in a friendly fun woman's only health club. Our fitness team are there to guide and motivate not bully or ignore you. This creates a space where you will feel comfortable having a laugh, letting your hair down whilst being motivated to a healthy lifestyle. No matter what your goals are, whether its losing weight, toning up, looking younger, or just being fit and healthy then Women's Workout gym is the place for you.

If you welcome the support of like-minded women in changing your life, then give our free taster session a try and find out how we can help you look and feel your best (sorry but we can only physically help women in the Christchurch and Bournemouth area – however do explore the rest of the website for ideas and tips).

Here are 7 great reasons why Women's Workout fitness gyms will work for you:

  • Having fun during exercise makes it easy to keep coming back to the gym
  • It won't take up too much of your time just 30 minutes, a few times a week
  • Simple and easy to do workout, leaves you feeling refreshed, toned and boosts energy
  • You join a community of like-minded women at the gym who love to help each other
  • Low cost and flexible gym membership agreements
  • Personal attention from friendly staff to guide and motivate you with the skills to empathise with women from all walks of life
  • Most importantly, it works - the exercise programme you can do that delivers results
The best way to find out about Women's Workout gym and see if we can meet your exercise needs is to book a free gym taster session (click here).

Or you can follow these links to take you to pages with information on the specific areas members told us were the main reason they joined the Women's Workout gym. And this short video will give you an idea of what we are about in just 2 and a bit minutes.
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